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Cast Top Entry Ball Valve

Product Description The top-entry ball valve is designed as an integrated valve body. Its support and ball rod fixed by an upper-assembled pivot and an integrated pivot respectively and the integrated high-strength ball rod ensure an accurate ball positioning. The unique technology of...

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Product Details

Product Description

The top mounted ball valve is simple and quick to remove and easy to maintain. When the valve fails on the pipeline and needs repairing, it is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline, but to remove the middle flange bolts and nuts, remove the cover and stem assembly from the valve body together, and then remove the ball and seat assembly. The ball and seat can be repaired online. This kind of maintenance saves time and reduces production losses to the lowest point.

Technical parameter

Nominal diameter:NPS: 2~NPS 56

Operating temperature: -46~121degree

Operating pressure: CLASS 150~CLASS 2500

Material: WCB、A105、LCB、LF2、CF8、F304、CF8M、F316, etc.

Design standard: API 6D、ISO 17292

Structural length: ASME B16.10

Connecting end: ASME B16.5、ASME B16.25

Test standard: API 598、API 6D

Operation method: Manual, worm, pneumatic and electric

Application fields: Water, petroleum and natural gas

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