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Cast Trunnion Ball Valve

Product Description KOSEN Cast Trunnion Ball Valve have been designed for severe oil and gas applications,including production,transportation and distribution. KOSEN Cast Trunnion Ball Valve designed the Side-Entry Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves to assure bi-directional sealing of the valve with...

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Product Details

Product Description

KOSEN Cast Trunnion Ball Valve is a quarter-turn valve that is primarily used to shut down the system. This series of valves is suitable for closing systems that require tight closing and quick closing. It is widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipeline, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, power, municipal, steel and other industries, occupies a pivotal position in the national economy. It has the action of rotating 90 degrees, the cock body is a sphere, and a circular through hole or a passage passes through its axis.


1.Compact structure: the maximum flow design is widely used in high voltage and frequent switch.

2. Free leakage body seal structure: smooth, double cover gasket of the body and bonnet at valve switch position and o ring, on this basis, it does not cause external leakage on the situation of fire, high temperature, shock absorption and uneven opening or closing torque.

3. Low torque operating: self-lubricating bearings mounted on friction stem cells lead to wear resistance, flexible operation and low torque.

Technical Specification

Normal Size Range: 2"-24"

Normal Pressure Rating: PN10~PN420, CLASS150~2500  

Material: WCB,LCB,WC6,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

Temperature Range: -29~150Degree C


It is widely used in industries such as paper, chemical, food, petrochemical and other industries that require advanced process automation systems.

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