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Forged Trunnion Ball Valve

Product Description Ball valves (Flanged general and butt-welding connection optional) are suitable for using on various kinds of pipeline from pressure Class 150 to Class 1500, PN16 to PN160 to cut off or allow the flowing of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for...

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Product Details

Product Description

The trunnion ball valve is used to cut or connect media in various pipes of grades 150~2500. Valves made of different materials are suitable for forming various media such as water, steam, oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, nitric acid, oxidant, urea, etc. Drive methods include manual operation and electric operation. The connection end can be flanged or butt welded.

It is open when the ball's hole is in line with the flow and closed, when it is pivoted 90-degrees by the valve handle. ball valve is durable and perform well after many cycles. In addition, it is reliable and closing securely even after long periods of disuse.

Technical Specification
Normal Size Range: 2"-24"
Normal Pressure Rating: PN10~PN420, CLASS150~2500
Material: A105,LF2,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F51
Temperature Range: -29~200Degree C


1. The fluid resistance is small, and the valve has substantially no flow resistance.

2. The structure is simple, small in size and light in weight.

3. Tight and reliable. It has two sealing faces, and the sealing surface material of the valve is widely used in various plastics, and has good sealing performance and can achieve complete sealing. It has also been widely used in vacuum systems.

4. The operation is convenient, the opening and closing is rapid, and the rotation is 90° from full opening to full closing, which is convenient for long-distance control.

5. The maintenance is convenient, the ball valve has a simple structure, and the sealing ring is generally movable, and the disassembly and replacement are relatively convenient.

6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and the valve seat is isolated from the medium, and the medium does not cause erosion of the sealing surface of the valve.


It is suitable for isolation applications in the power, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

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