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Full Welded Ball Valve

Product Description Fully Welded Ball Valves are especially designed for gas transportation and storage industries. The fully welded body design can prevent any potential external leakage from connection of body and bonnet. In addition, the forged body with the advantages of consistent grain...

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Product Details

Product Description

All welded ball valves will not leak outside.

The ball processing process has advanced computer detector tracking detection, so the ball processing accuracy.

Because the valve body material is the same as the pipeline material, there will be no uneven stress, no deformation due to earthquake and vehicle passing through the ground, the pipeline aging resistance.

The sealing ring body adopts the RPTFE material with 25%Carbon (Tan Su) content, ensuring complete leakage free (0%).

Direct-buried valve can be directly buried underground, without building large valve wells, only a small shallow well on the ground, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time.

According to the requirements of pipeline construction and design, the length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted.

The machining accuracy of the sphere is very precise, the operation is light, and there is no bad interference.

Using advanced raw materials, it can maintain more than PN25 pressure.

Compared with similar products of the same industry, the valve body is small and the appearance is beautiful.

The service life of the valve is more than 20 years if the valve is normally operated and used.

Technical Specification

Normal Size Range: 2"-24"
Normal Pressure Rating: PN10~PN420, CLASS150~2500  
Material: A105,LF2,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F51
Temperature Range: -29~200Degree C

Standards compliance

Design and Manufacture: API 608,API 6D,BS5351

Face to face(end to end): ANSI B16.10,API 6D

Flanged connection:2"~24" to ANSI B16.5

Fire-safe: API 607,API 6FA

Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25

Test and inspection: API 598,API 6D

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