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One Piece Ball Valve

Product Description Female threaded ball valve is a valve with 90°'s rotation to realize opening&closing which is widely used during last few years. Soft sealing electric female threaded ball valve is used in occation needing tight sealing, while metal to metal sealing electirc female...

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Product Details

Product Description

The ball in the valve, the sealing ring uses a special processing technology and the latest sealing materials, so that the surface roughness and roundness of the ball meet the standard requirements, thereby improving the sealing performance and service life, and the ability to withstand high temperatures. The clockwise handle moves the valve stem to drive the ball to rotate, allowing the medium to pass smoothly. It is widely used in industries.

Technical Specification

Normal Size Range: 1/4"-2"

Normal Pressure Rating: 1000PSI, 2000PSI

Material: WCB, CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M

Temperature Range: -29~150Degree C

Threaded: BSPT, BSP(BS21), NPT(B1.20.1), DIN2999/259,ISO288-1,ISO7/1

Optional Locking Device or Stem Extension

Optional Direct Mounting to ISO 5211

Inspection testing:API598


It has small size, large diameter, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient maintenance, the sealing surface and spherical surface are often closed,and not easy to be eroded by the medium.

It is a ball valve with a new sealing material for the valve seat and sealed by the same kind of PTFE. The service life is increased by 3-5 times.;

It has the advantages of stable performance, reliable sealing, low friction, light switch, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.


It is consistent with the structure of the globe valve, plunger valve and blowdown valve. It expands the range of ball valves and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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