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Ball Check Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Ball Check Valves is composed of valve body, valve plate and spring. It is suitable for the supply and drainage pipes. The valve is guided by the central axis of both ends of the import and export. The valve is flexible and can be installed horizontally or...

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Product Details

Product Description

Ball Check Valve refers to the valve that automatically opens and closes the valve disc depending on the flow of the medium itself, which is used to prevent the flow back of the medium. It is also called check valve, one-way valve, counter-flow valve and back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, its main role is to prevent medium backflow, prevent pump and drive motor reversal, as well as container media release. Check valves can also be used to supply lines in which the pressure may rise to an auxiliary system that exceeds the system pressure. Check valves can be divided into swing check valves (rotating according to the center of gravity) and lift check valves (moving along the axis).


Standards compliance

Design and Manufacture to ANSI B16.34, API6D, BS1868

Face to face dimensions to ASME B16.10

Flanged Ends to ASME B16.5

Butt welded end to ANSI B16.25

Threaded ends to ASME B1.20.1 

Socket-weld ends to ASME B16.11

Test and inspection to API598, API6D

Size Ranges from 2" to 24"

Pressure Ratings from Class 150 to Class 1500,PN16 to PN260

Body Materials available in Cast Carbon Steel, Low Cast Carbon Steel, Cast Alloy Steel, Cast Stainless Steel, Cast Duplex & Super Duplex Steel, Special Materals in Cast Monel, Alu Bronze etc. 

Trim Materials available in 13%Cr, F11, F22, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L and other specials


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