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Bolted Cover Tilt Disc Check Valve

Product Description The product is composed of valve body, guide body, axial movement valve disc and spring component. The product can effectively prevent the reflux of the medium. Ensure the safety of the pipeline. The valve body, disc and tail are designed as streamlined passageways with good...

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Product Details

Product Description

Bolted Cover Tilt Disc Check Valve is a new type of check valve which combines many years of valve production technology with foreign advanced product design and development. Its main advantage is to overcome the impact and water hammer phenomenon of swing-type check valve and lift-type upper return valve under working conditions and realize non-impact operation.


Structural characteristics

1. double eccentric disc, when closed, the valve and the sealing surface are gradually contacted to achieve no impact and no noise.

2. micro elastic metal seat, good sealing performance.

3. butterfly valve disc design, quick and sensitive switch, long service life.

4. the swashplate structure makes the fluid passage streamlined, with less flow resistance and energy saving effect.

5. check valves are generally suitable for detergency media, and are not suitable for medium containing solid particles and high viscosity.




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