Yongjia Kosen Valve

Weir Type Diaphragm Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Weir Type Diaphragm Valves has self draining function to ensure no residue and make the pipeline cleaner and healthier. The valve body has various materials, such as cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, forged steel and lining. Lining materials include:...

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Product Details

Product Description

The weir type diaphragm valve separates the inner cavity of the lower part of the valve body from the inner cavity of the valve cover, and forms a direct current channel with it, so that the inner parts of the upper part of the diaphragm, such as the stem and disc, are completely isolated from the medium, thus eliminating the packing sealing structure, and the leakage and leakage of the medium can be avoided simultaneously.

Product features

1. The opening and closing parts of the elastic seal ensure that there is no internal leakage.

2. streamlined flow path makes the pressure loss small.

3. there is no stuffing box, so there is no leakage.

4. The valve body and cover are separated by the middle diaphragm so that the valve cover above the diaphragm and the valve stem parts are not eroded by the medium.

5. the diaphragm can be replaced and the maintenance cost is low.

6. The variety of lining materials can be applied to all kinds of media and has good corrosion resistance.

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