Yongjia Kosen Valve

Electric Actuator Diaphragm Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Electric Actuator Diaphragm Valves is composed of a valve body, a valve cover, a valve stem, a disc, a diaphragm, an electric device and other driving parts.The opening and closing of the valve is driven by the connecting shaft of the electric device to drive the...

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Product Details

Product Description

The electric diaphragm valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, valve disc, diaphragm, electric device and other driving parts. The valve opening and closing is driven by the connecting shaft of the electric device to drive the stem nut, so that the valve disc can be lifted and lowered when the stem moves axially. When the power fails, the valve is in urgent need of opening and closing.


Technical parameter

Nominal diameter: DN15-DN300

Nominal pressure: 0.6Mpa-1.6Mpa

Applicable temperature: -30 C ~150 C

Applicable medium: water, oil, acid and alkali and various organic solvents.

Valve body material: cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, stainless steel.

Connection: flange connection

Design standard: GB/T 12239

Structure length: JB1688/GB12221

Flange standard: JB/T79-94; GB9113.1-26

Inspection test: GB/T13927

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