Yongjia Kosen Valve

Three Way Diaphragm Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Three Way Diaphragm Valves is used to control non corrosive or general corrosive medium. The inner cavity surface of the valve body is unlined or covered with various kinds of rubber, suitable for different working temperature and fluid pipeline. The variety of...

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Product Details

Product Description

Three way diaphragm valves are designed to control non-corrosive or general corrosive media. There is no lining on the inner surface of the valve body or covered with a variety of optional rubber. They are suitable for different operating temperatures and fluid pipelines. The variety of lining materials can be applied to all kinds of media and has good corrosion resistance.

Standards compliance

Applicable temperature: less than 85 degrees, less than 100 degrees, less than 120 degrees, or less than 150 degrees (according to lining and diaphragm material).

Pressure level: PN1.0

Design and manufacture: GB122239

Structure length: GB12221, JB1688

Flange joint dimensions: GB4216, JB78

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