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Stainless Steel Blind Type Flange

Product Description Product type: Socket welded flange SW, butt welded flange WN, flat welded flange SO, blind flange BL, loose flange LJ, threaded flange TH, orifice flange, hubbed butt welded flange Size range: DN15 - DN1500 (1/2" - 60") Manufacturing standard: National standard...

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Product Details

Product Description

The blind flange is a blind plate. It is a flange without holes in the middle to seal the pipe plug. There are many kinds of sealing surfaces, such as plane, convex, concave convex, tenon groove surface and ring connection surface.

Production Process

Forging process is generally composed of the following processes, that is, selecting high-quality billet blanking, heating, forming, cooling after forging. The forging process includes free forging, die forging and membrane forging. In production, different forging methods are selected according to the quality of the forgings and the number of production batches.


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