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Stainless Steel Slip on Type Flange

Stainless Steel Slip on Type Flange

Product Description Product type: Socket welded flange SW, butt welded flange WN, flat welded flange SO, blind flange BL, loose flange LJ, threaded flange TH, orifice flange, hubbed butt welded flange Size range: DN15 - DN1500 (1/2" - 60") Manufacturing standard: National standard...

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Product Details

Product Description

stainless steel slip on type flange, steel rings and so on, and flanges are sleeved on the ends of pipes, and flanges can be moved on the ends of pipes. Steel rings or flanges are sealing surfaces, and the role of flanges is to compress them. It can be seen that the loose flange is not contacted with the medium because it is blocked by steel rings or flanges.


Production standard

GB: GB/T9112-2000 (GB9113. 1-2000 ~ GB9113. 4-2000)

American Standard: ANSI B16.5 Class150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 (WN, SO, BL, TH, LJ, SW)

Japanese standard: JIS 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K (PL, SO, BL, WN, TH, SW)

German standard: DIN2573, 2572, 2631, 2576, 2632, 2633, 2543, 2634 and 2545 (PL, SO, WN, BL, TH)

Ministry of chemical industry standards: HG5010-52 to HG5028-58, HGJ44-91 to HGJ65-91, HG20592-09 series, HG20615-09 series

Standard of machinery department: JB81-94 ~ JB86-94, JB/T79-94 ~ JB/T86-94, JB/T74-1994

Pressure Vessel Standards: JB1157-82 ~ JB1160-82, JB4700-2000 ~ JB4707-2000 B16.47A/B B16.39 B16.48


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