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Stainless Steel Threaded Type Flange

Product Description Product type: Socket welded flange SW, butt welded flange WN, flat welded flange SO, blind flange BL, loose flange LJ, threaded flange TH, orifice flange, hubbed butt welded flange Size range: DN15 - DN1500 (1/2" - 60") Manufacturing standard: National standard...

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Product Description

Threaded flange is a kind of non-welded flange, in which the inner hole of flange is machined into pipe thread and connected with the pipe with thread. Compared with flat welded flange or butt welded flange, alloy steel flange has enough strength, but it is not easy to weld, or welding performance is poor, can choose thread flange. However, it is recommended not to use threaded flange to avoid leakage under the condition that the temperature of pipeline changes sharply or the temperature is higher than 260 C and lower than - 45 C.


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