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Fuel Dispenser

  • Fuel Dispenser Series

    Fuel Dispenser Series

    Product Description A vehicle mounted tanker is a fuel tanker mounted on a variety of tank cars, tank cars, and fuel vehicles, using the battery on the chassis of the car to supply fuel and measure the fuel. The car tanker generally belongs to a small or miniaturized gas...Read More

  • Fuel Oil Gun Series

    Fuel Oil Gun Series

    Product Description The fuel gun is the terminal of the tanker at the filling station, that is, the part touching the fuel tank. Commonly used are self sealing refueling guns and compound refueling guns. The appearance of the ordinary refueling gun is mainly composed of a...Read More

  • Fuel Transfer Pump SERIES

    Fuel Transfer Pump SERIES

    Product Description Before the start of the self priming pump, fill the pump casing with water (or the pump itself contains water). The high speed rotation of the impeller makes the flow of the flow into the vortex shell in the impeller channel, when the inlet forms a vacuum,...Read More

  • Flowmeter Series

    Flowmeter Series

    Product Description The flowmeter indicates the measured flow and (or) the total amount of fluid in the selected time interval. Simply speaking, it is an instrument for measuring the flow of fluid in a pipe or open channel. The flowmeter is also divided into differential...Read More

  • Fuel Dispenser Accessories

    Fuel Dispenser Accessories

    Product Description Accessories refer to parts or components of assembly machinery; also refer to parts or components re installed after damage. Accessories can be divided into two categories: standard accessories and optional accessories. Mechanical base parts (mainly:...Read More

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