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Fuel Dispenser Series

Product Description A vehicle mounted tanker is a fuel tanker mounted on a variety of tank cars, tank cars, and fuel vehicles, using the battery on the chassis of the car to supply fuel and measure the fuel. The car tanker generally belongs to a small or miniaturized gas engine, but it has a lot...

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Product Description

Fuel tanker is developed along with the development of automobile and highway traffic. Since its birth in the early twentieth Century, it has gone through 4 stages of development. The first stage is manual, the principle of which is similar to the piston working mode of steam engine. The second stage of manual compression oil extraction is mechanical. It is characterized by the combination of electric and manual. It can be used either by electric pump or by manual rotation of belt oil extraction.


1. Safety: integrated anti-explosion configuration of gasoline and diesel; Professional and scientific circuit and pipeline design ensures the performance of the whole machine.

2. High accuracy: it has automatic accumulating memory function, can automatically save 120 refueling records, and keep it for a long time.Double valve control ensures low refueling accuracy.

3. Durale quality: wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and pressure-resistant tubing; Folding moving handle, easy to move.

4. Energy saving: It gives a cost effective fuel dispensing solution. Its special design make it popular among many car drivers.


This model of fuel dispenser is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, middle and small oil depot, gas station for transporting diesel and kerosene etc.

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