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Fuel Transfer Pump SERIES

Product Description Before the start of the self priming pump, fill the pump casing with water (or the pump itself contains water). The high speed rotation of the impeller makes the flow of the flow into the vortex shell in the impeller channel, when the inlet forms a vacuum, which opens the...

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Product Details

Product Description

Fuel pump products, with the development of transportation in China's petroleum industry needs to be produced, the pump has a small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to move, simple operation, safe use, only one person to operate, with a reciprocating hand shake handle, can be continuously out of oil, refueling pump device is a vertical can be installed in 1-hour refueling gun. The outlet of the leather tube acts as a switch to avoid wasting oil in the leather pipe when it stops working.

Product characteristics

1. Using microcomputer control, the dialing switch is set to inject the lubricant needed by the equipment every day automatically, evenly, punctually and accurately.

2. the microcomputer has immediate startup function, and no startup delay time.

3. active controlled lubrication management, saving a lot of equipment maintenance costs.

4. avoid overflow pollution or oil trouble.

5. can maintain the lubrication surface continuous new oil supply.

6. super capacity, volume 500ml.

7. stop at any time if necessary.

8. unique design, explosion-proof safety, flexible and simple installation, not limited by direction and position.

9. dry battery or power supply, convenient for customers to choose.

10. reusable and cost saving.

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