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Cast Bronze Globe Valves

Product Description The Cast Bronze Globe valves is suitable for cutting or connecting the medium on the pipelines of various working conditions, such as ANSIClass150 ~ 2500Lb, oil, chemical, thermal power station and so on at the working temperature of less than 600. The suitable medium is...

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Product Details

Product Description

The cast bronze globe valves only allows one-way flow of medium, and has direction when installed. The structural length of the globe valve is larger than that of the gate valve, and the fluid resistance is large.

It is a commonly used stop valve, mainly used to connect or cut off the pipeline medium, generally not used to regulate flow. The pressure and temperature range applicable to the globe valve is large, but it is generally used in medium and small diameter pipelines.

Technical Specification
Normal Size Range: 2"-18"
Normal Pressure Rating: CLASS150
Material: C95800
Temperature Range: -29~425Degree C


1. Reasonable structure and beautiful shape.
2. It has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and long service life.
3. The valve stem has good resistance to corrosivity and abrasion after being treated with tempering and surface nitrification.
4. Various piping flange standards and flange sealing cover types can be adopted to meet various engineering requirements and user requirements.
5. There are a wide range of valve body materials, filling and gasket can be reasonably selected according to actual working conditions or user requirements, and can be applied to various pressure, temperature and medium working conditions.
6. Reliable: the inverted seal is made of threaded connection seal seat or body surfacing austenite stainless steel. The seal is reliable.

Standards compliance

Design and Manufacture: ANSI B16.34,BS1873

Face tu face(end tu end): ANSI B16.10

Flanged connection: to ANSI B16.5

Butt welded end: ANSI B16.25

Test and inspection: API598

A.Anti-friction ball thrust bearing: Reduces friction between mating parts to ensure smooth operation

B.Grub screw: Secures yoke nut in the bonnet

C.Grease nipple: Supplies lubricant to the mating parts

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