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Forged Bronze Globe Valve

Product Description KOSEN Forged Bronze Globe Valves is a common cut-off valve, mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, generally not used to regulate the flow rate. The cut-off valve is suitable for the pressure and temperature range. This valve is suitable for small...

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Product Details

Product Description

Once the globe valve is open, there is no contact between the seat and the disc sealing surface, so the sealing surface is less mechanically worn. Since most of the seats and discs of the globe valve are easier to repair or replace, the valve does not need to be removed from the pipeline, which is welded to the valve and pipeline. An integral occasion is applicable. The flow direction of the medium changes as it passes through such valves, so the flow resistance of the globe valve is higher than that of other valves.

Forged Bronze Globe Valves are with main Features as below

Size ranges: 1/2” through 2”

Pressure ratings: ANSI 150LB ~ 800LB

Standards compliance: API 602, ASME B16.34 or equivalents

Materials: B61, B62 and etc

Ends connections: Flanged(FF, RF), Screwed, Welded Ends to international standards

OS&Y, Outside Stem and Yoke


Optional Locking Device or Stem Extension

Optional Direct Mounting to ISO 5211

Reduce Port

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