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Ceramic Knife Gate Valve

Product Description The Ceramic Knife Gate Valve is used in excessive wear pipeline for open-close purpose. The valve is compact in design, easy to install. Seal seat of the valve adopts (ZTA) ceramic composite sealing form and its hardness (HRC 90 ) has good toughness , solving the problem of...

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Product Details

Product Description

The sealing surface of the valve can be sealed only by the medium pressure, that is, the pressure of the sealing surface of the gate plate on the other side of the valve seat to ensure the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. Sealing type valves should be installed horizontally in pipes.


Structural characteristics

1. the lifting type gate sealing surface can scrape the adhesive on the sealing surface and automatically clean up the debris.

2. stainless steel gate prevents corrosion from leakage.

3. hard full gold sealing cover can ensure the sealing wear resistance and requirements.

4. there is no groove on the sealing surface of the valve body, so that no accumulation can be generated.

5. short structure length can save raw materials and installation space, and effectively support pipeline strength.


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