Yongjia Kosen Valve

Inside Disc Knife Gate Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Inside Disc Knife Gate Valves is applicable as an on-off device for pipelines containing abrasive dry ash, water (such as cinder water ) and the like in mines, paper making, chemical engineering and so on, as an on-off for pipelines with both soft grains and...

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Product Details

Product Description

The inside disc knife gate valve adopts metal to metal hard seal or metal to rubber soft seal. In the process of opening and closing, the gate and sealing surface are designed with special features, less friction and durability.


Applicable medium

Gold ore powder, tailings, paper pulp, wood pulp, fiber, dust, chemical treatment of sewage, sedimentation tank, mineral sand, slag, slime, asphalt, silo outlet, fruits, cereals, cement slurry, slaughterhouse waste water, pneumatic pipeline or beer brewing medium.



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