Yongjia Kosen Valve

Non-Rising Stem Knife Gate Valve

Product Description The Non-Rising Stem Knife Gate Valves adopts metal to metal hard seal or adopts metal to rubber soft seal. In the process of opening and closing, the gate and the sealing surface are specially designed with less friction and durability.The upper seal of the knife gate valve...

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Product Details

Product Description

The valve handwheel turns to drive the stem to rotate and lift the gate, usually with trapezoidal threads at the bottom of the stem, turning the rotation into linear motion through the threads at the bottom of the valve and the guide groove on the disc.

Structural characteristics 

The valve can make all the moving parts of the valve in a closed state after the sealing device is installed on the top of the handwheel, and the screw drive of the gate and the valve stem will not be jammed because of the dry lubricating oil. It is especially suitable for working in a dusty and dry environment for a long time.


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