Yongjia Kosen Valve

Square Gate Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Square Gate Valves is designed with unique external arc shape, reasonable structure and uniform force, made of high quality gray cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron and stainless steel, copper strip or rubber in sealing surface, and after precision...

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Product Details

Product Description

The square gate valve is a kind of tool which is mainly used in water supply and drainage, flood control, irrigation, water conservancy and hydropower projects to cut off, dredge water flow or adjust water level.


Main technical parameters

Working pressure: 0.1MPa

Zui big work head: forward 8 m reverse 3 m.

Working medium: water and sewage

Installation: vertical installation

Normal water surface: front facing water

Water permeability (L/min.m): forward 0.72 reverse 1.25



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