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Going Through Knife Gate Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Going Through Knife Gate Valves can be made of hard and soft sealing structure according to the needs of the customer. The penetrating knife gate valve has the characteristics of precision structure, good craft and compact structure. The sealing valve seat is...

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Product Details

Product Description

The Going Through Knife Gate Valve is a control valve consisting of a long stroke cylinder and a perforated knife gate valve. Penetrating knife gate valve, the gate plate lengthened and machined on the gate plate with an equal diameter through hole, the gate plate close to the valve seat to do the opening and closing movement does not detach. In this way, the penetrating knife gate valve is more stable in operation, the sealing performance is superior, and the medium does not leave the valve cavity, into a full flow state. The valve is suitable for control of pipes such as slag, pulp, mud and sewage.


Material of main parts

Body: WCB CF8 CF8M CF3 CF3M 1CF18Ni9Ti 2520

Stem: 2Cr13, 1CF18Ni9Ti

Seat seal: rubber or PTFE/ stainless steel.

Support: stainless steel

Gasket between valve body: rubber or PTFE

Packing gland: stainless steel

Gate: 201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 1CF18Ni9Ti, 2520

Filler: graphite or PTFE

Bolt: B7



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