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Bronze Safety Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Bronze Safety Valve Copper safety valve is a kind of automatic control and protection valve. He does not rely on any external force, but uses the force of the medium itself to discharge a certain number of media, so as to prevent the pressure within the system from...

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Product Description

The spring type safety valve is the force acting on the sealing between the disc and the valve seat by the spring. Leverage is the force acting on a lever and a heavy hammer. With the need of large capacity, there is another kind of pulse safety valve, also known as pilot safety valve, which is composed of main safety valve and auxiliary valve. When the medium pressure in the pipeline exceeds the prescribed pressure value, the auxiliary valve opens first, and the medium enters the main safety valve along the duct, and the main safety valve opens to reduce the increased medium pressure.


Selection principle of safety valve

1. steam boiler safety valve, generally choose the open full spring safety valve 0490 series;

2. the safety valve used in liquid medium is generally chosen as the 0485 series of spring safety valve.

3. air or other gas medium with safety valve, generally choose closed full open spring safety valve;

4. Safety valves for LPG tank trucks or LPG railway tankers are generally installed with full-open safety valves.

5. the safety valve used for oil well outlet is usually selected by pilot type safety valve.

6. The high-pressure bypass safety valve of steam power generation equipment is generally used as a pilot safety valve with dual functions of safety and control.



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