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Pinch Valve

Product Description When compressed air or liquid (with a minimum pressure of 2 bar) enters the pneumatic clamp valve body, the special internal liner with high resilience is compressed. The structure of the valve body ensures the lip free closing of the inner bushing. This ensures the absolute...

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Product Details

Product Description

Pinch Valve is also known as pipe clamp valve, air bag valve, hoop valve and so on in China. The sleeve is the most important part of any pinch valve and the core of the pinch valve. It provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance. The quality of the pinch valve depends on the quality of the casing. The casing can be extruded by pneumatic, electric, manual or hydraulic driving modes to achieve the function of switch / regulation.


Product features

1. voltage range is the widest product in the import range, allowing the fluctuation range to be + 5%.

2. higher pressure, which can be applied to the vast majority of microfluidics.

3. low power consumption and good heat dissipation efficiency.

4. special matching hose to ensure the best rebound life.

5. product performance and quality stability.

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