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Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Product Description When compressed air or liquid (with a minimum pressure of 2 bar) enters the pneumatic clamp valve body, the special internal liner with high resilience is compressed. The structure of the valve body ensures the lip free closing of the inner bushing. This ensures the absolute...

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Product Details

Product Description

Pneumatic pinch valve is characterized by the flow of medium in the pipeline is not affected, in a variety of pinch valve nominal size range, pipeline medium can be almost unobstructed. The frictional resistance of the pneumatic clamp valve is very low and there will be no blockage. In addition, the advantages of pneumatic pinch valve are lightweight, compact structure, pneumatic pinch valve can be easily and quickly installed


Working principle

When the control medium is not input, the cavity between the rubber sleeve and the valve body is connected with the atmosphere, and the rubber sleeve is tensioned outward by the fluid pressure. The length and diameter of the sleeve will not change due to the fluid pressure because of the balance between axial and radial pressures of the sleeve due to the reinforced cord layer arranged at a certain angle in the sleeve. When the control medium enters the cavity between the tube sleeve and the valve body, the pipe sleeve is deformed under the medium pressure.


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