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Thread Pressure Relief Valve

Product Description When compressed air or liquid (with a minimum pressure of 2 bar) enters the pneumatic clamp valve body, the special internal liner with high resilience is compressed. The structure of the valve body ensures the lip free closing of the inner bushing. This ensures the absolute...

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Product Details

Product Description

Threaded relief valve uses the opening of the opening and closing parts in the control valve body to regulate the flow of the medium, so as to reduce the pressure of the medium. At the same time, the opening of the opening and closing parts can be adjusted by the function of the pressure behind the valve to keep the pressure behind the valve in a certain range. The flow path is selected. When determining the air pressure of the valve, it should be greater than the maximum output pressure of 1.6MPa. Pressure relief valve is generally installed after the water distributor filter, oil mist or fixed before, and pay attention not to its inlet and outlet connection; when the valve is not used, should be loosened knob, so as not to diaphragm often compressed deformation and affect its performance.


Product features

1. Adopting the diaphragm structure with direct action, the internal structure is very simple, no obstruction, reliable performance and durable.

2. Resistant to dirt and fouling, no filter, no bypass pipe, extremely simple piping, can save a lot of space and piping costs.

3. The outlet pressure is precisely adjustable. In general, the outlet pressure can be considered regardless of the influence of the inlet pressure.

4. excellent hydraulic characteristics, small pressure loss, decompression ratio of up to 10:1.

5. It can meet various pressure reduction requirements, especially for branch pressure reducing valve system.


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