Yongjia Kosen Valve

Bronze Plug Valve

Product Description The KOSEN Bronze Plug Valves is widely used in oil field mining, transportation and scouring equipment. It is also widely used in petrochemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC and general industry. Technical Specification Normal Size Range:...

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Product Details

Product Description

The motion between the sealing surfaces of marine bronze plug valves has a wiping effect. When the bronze marine plug valves are fully open, they can completely prevent contact with the flowing medium. The valve is used for medium with suspended particles.


Product features

1. suitable for regular operation, quick and easy opening and closing.

2. the fluid resistance is small.

3. simple structure, relatively small volume, light weight, easy maintenance.

4. Good sealing performance.

5. It is not restricted by installation direction, and the flow direction of medium can be arbitrary.

6. no vibration, little noise.

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