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High Pressure Plug Valve

High Pressure Plug Valve

Product Description The KOSEN High Pressure Plug Valves is a fast switch direct through valve. Because the motion of the cover is wiping, it can completely prevent contact with the flow medium in full opening, so it can usually be used in medium with suspended particles. Another important...

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Product Details

Product Description

Plug valve is an important high-pressure product in wellsite operation, which realizes medium flow and shutdown by rotating the plug. The valve has the characteristics of high strength and good sealing. The valve body is made of high quality alloy steel and has high strength and hardness. The surface strengthening of the cock has high wear resistance and sealing performance. The valve body is one-piece, with top mounted design, simple structure and convenient online maintenance, it is an ideal product for your choice.

It is mainly used in the pipeline to cut off, upgrade and change the flow direction of medium. It is easy to adapt to a multi-channel structure, so that a valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow channels, which can simplify the design of the piping system and reduce the number of valve gates and some connection parts required in the equipment.

Product features

Plug valve flow through, low resistance, easy to open and close, fast spped.

Equipped with special toolkit and repair package to achieve on-line rapid maintenance.

Unique sealing structure and special sealing material ensure sealing reliability.

Clear switch and limit mark, reflecting humanized design.

Special surface plating technology for cock, excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Turn on / off torque is small, easy to operate and fast.

It is easy to adapt to a multi-channel structure, so that a valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow channels.

Normal Size Range: 1"-4"

Normal Pressure Rating: 69.0MPa~138.0Mpa(10000psi~20000psi)

Application: fracturing, cementing, acidizing and testing pipelines


It is widely used in oil field mining, transportation and refining equipment, petrochemical, chemical, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas.

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