Yongjia Kosen Valve

Meral Seat Lubricated Plug Valve

Product Description A pressure balance type flip plug valve, consisting of a valve body, a cock, a stem and a filler, the cock is a conical valve plug over the upper end of the upper end, the cock is located in the inner cavity of the valve body, the stem driving cock rotates, the sealing...

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Product Details

Product Description

1. the valve has reasonable product structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

2. the valve has inverted pressure balance structure, and the switch action is light.

3. There is an oil groove between the valve body and the sealing surface, which can inject sealing grease into the valve seat at any time through the oil nozzle to improve the sealing performance.

4. Material and flange size of parts can be reasonably selected according to actual working conditions or user requirements to meet various engineering needs.


Standards compliance

Design and manufacturing standards: API599, API6D

Structural length standard: ASME B16.10

Connecting flange standard: ASME B16.5

Pressure temperature class: ASME B16.34

Test standard: API598

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