Yongjia Kosen Valve

Steam Trap

  • Free Floating Ball Steam Trap

    Free Floating Ball Steam Trap

    Product Description Free float steam traps is currently one of the most advanced steam traps, product quality and manufacturing process technology to achieve the international level of similar products. As the float high, which can ensure the sealing performance of the trap,...Read More

  • Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    Product Description Inverted bucket type steam trap,as amechanical steam trap, has outstanding performance and can be used low ,medium and high pressure.It applies stainless steel internal components and heat treatable steel base . It has such features as strong...Read More

  • Ball Float Steam Trap

    Ball Float Steam Trap

    Product Description The KOSEN Ball Float Steam Traps adopts two kinds of sealing,e,g,balance double valve seat and single valve seat with reliable closedown and long life.There's always condensate water available in front of the valve with reliable water sealing and...Read More

  • Forged Steel Steam Trap

    Forged Steel Steam Trap

    Product Description The KOSEN Forged Steel Steam Traps is applicable in the steam pipeline and equipment to avoid steam leakage and eliminate steam leakage in order to conserve energy and keep from water hammer and other faults.By taking advantage of themodynamics...Read More

  • Cast Steel Steam Trap

    Cast Steel Steam Trap

    Product Description The KOSEN Cast Steel Steam Traps is to automatically exclude the condensate and steam from the heating equipment or steam piping, and do not leak steam. Because the steam trap has the function of blocking steam and drainage, it can make the steam heating...Read More

  • Gas Steam Trap

    Gas Steam Trap

    Product Description The KOSEN Gas Steam traps is a new type of completely automatic zero leakage trap. Under the conditions of no other power, the product can make use of the floating ball and lever balance principle to separate the gas and water from the natural gas ore and...Read More

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