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Ball Float Steam Trap

Product Description The KOSEN Ball Float Steam Traps adopts two kinds of sealing,e,g,balance double valve seat and single valve seat with reliable closedown and long life.There's always condensate water available in front of the valve with reliable water sealing and non-leakage of steam.No...

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Product Details

Product Description

The ball float steam trap uses the most advanced membrane box components as an automatic exhaust valve, can automatically exclude non-condensable gas, very sensitive, high quality of work, long service life. The trap is designed with balanced double seat structure, which can achieve small volume and large displacement. It is especially suitable for steam blocking and drainage of large heating equipment and heat exchange station equipment. It is the preferred steam trap for large heating equipment.


Application scope

1. Leveraged floating ball steam trap is widely used in industrial steam heating equipment, various large-scale heat exchangers, dryers, jacket pans, etc., especially in the work of condensate in large displacement.

2. This super-large displacement steam trap can fully eliminate a large number of suspected water condensation without adjusting and replacing the internals in the whole working pressure range. The supercooling degree of the water can reach 0 degrees, which is especially suitable for working occasions with large doubtful water volume.

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