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Cast Steel Steam Trap

Cast Steel Steam Trap

Product Description The KOSEN Cast Steel Steam Traps is to automatically exclude the condensate and steam from the heating equipment or steam piping, and do not leak steam. Because the steam trap has the function of blocking steam and drainage, it can make the steam heating...

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Product Description

When starting the device,firstly,the air and condensed water will flow across steam trap under rather low pressure,and lift valve plate through the entrance hole,and then discharge from the exit hole.After the pressure and temperature rise,the inner pressure will also rise,and cause increased amount of condensed water and increased flow rate,at the moment, the static pressure of valve plate declines which causes the drop of valve plate,and then,the steam flows from all directions via the exit hole into the gap between the valve plate and the valve cover.After steam enters the pressure chamber,it shuts down the valve by pressing valve plate onto the sealing ring.When the steam temperature inside the pressure chamber begins descending and the steam begins to congeal,the pressure declines in the pressure chamber,and the inlet pressure lifets the valve plate,and then the steam trap opens and discharge water.



1.Simple structure,easy installation and maintenance and water hammer resistant.

2.Water hammer resistant and on effect from abrupt change of pressure.

3.Adoptable for overheat steam system.

4.Adoptable for high-pressure and high-temperature steam pipes.


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