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Forged Steel Steam Trap

Forged Steel Steam Trap

Product Description The KOSEN Forged Steel Steam Traps is applicable in the steam pipeline and equipment to avoid steam leakage and eliminate steam leakage in order to conserve energy and keep from water hammer and other faults.By taking advantage of themodynamics...

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Product Details

Product Description

The thermal power steam trap is a simple drain valve. The steam trap operates on the dynamic action generated by the flash steam passing through the trap. The thermal steam trap has a movable valve plate, which is both a sensitive part and an action part. According to the different thermodynamic principle of the velocity and volume change of steam and condensate, the valve disc is driven to switch the valve. The leakage rate is 3% and the subcooling degree is 8 -15 C.

Main features

1. The thermal power steam trap can work in the whole working range without adjusting or changing the internal parts.

2. compact structure, simple, light weight, large displacement in terms of its size.

3. Thermodynamic trap can be used for high pressure and superheated steam, anti-hammer and vibration, stainless steel structure can resist condensate corrosion.

4. The thermodynamic trap will not be damaged by freezing, but the edge of the disc is easy to wear when the disc is in the vertical direction and discharges air directly.

5. Since the disc is the only moving part, it is easy to maintain and does not need to remove the trap from the pipe.

6. When the drain valve is switched off, the crisp clicking sound can be easily monitored, and the working state of the steam trap can be easily monitored.

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