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Free Floating Ball Steam Trap

Product Description Free float steam traps is currently one of the most advanced steam traps, product quality and manufacturing process technology to achieve the international level of similar products. As the float high, which can ensure the sealing performance of the trap, the whole sphere is...

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Product Details

Product Description

The drain valve is opened or closed by taking advantage of the change of liquid level of condensate water with the high-precision grinding stainless steel hollow float ball in the valve cavity. This steam trap has a simple structure, mainly consisting of float balls and automatic emptying devices. The sole action elements, namely, the stainless steel hollow float ball is manufactured by high-precision grinding process, and its entire sphere can serve as the sealing face and will not be worn intensively during the work, so it has a longer service life. In addition, there is no wearing part in the valve cavity, with a high reliability. The float ball can freely adjust the openness of the valve opening in response to the change of water level and discharge the condensate water continuously with a subcooled temperature of about 0 and higher efficiency.

The automatic emptying devices fall into two types : (within low pressure PN25) consisting of reservoir thermo-sensitive elements and (overheated steam system) consisting of bimetals.


Main advantages

1. The sole moving component is the high-precision grinding stainless float ball, which can resist erosion.

2. Its simple structure is convenient for maintenance.

3. To drain continuously with low noise, without being affected by the fluctuation of the pressure.

4. To be equipped with automatic emptying devices and it can eliminate air quickly and prevent air blocking and steam locking.

5. Small volume and large displacement.

6. To drain whenever there is water left over so as to quicken the startup speed of the system.


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