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Gas Steam Trap

Gas Steam Trap

Product Description The KOSEN Gas Steam traps is a new type of completely automatic zero leakage trap. Under the conditions of no other power, the product can make use of the floating ball and lever balance principle to separate the gas and water from the natural gas ore and automatically...

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Product Details

Product Description

The gas steam trap is a new type of automatic zero leakage trap. The product can separate gas and water from natural gas deposit and automatically discharge sedimentary water (liquid) from natural gas storage tank by floating ball and lever balance principle under the condition of no other power. There is no leakage of natural gas in the process of discharge and water (liquid). It has the best energy saving and environmental protection effect.


Product features

1. fully automatic continuous operation, there is water on the row, no water automatically shut down, sedimentation water (liquid) emission rate of 100%.

2. gas tight, no natural gas leakage, leakage rate is zero.

3. automatic settlement of pollutants, regular sewage disposal, strong anti fouling capacity, no obstruction.


4. the inner parts are all stainless steel. The inner wall of the valve body is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life.

5. easy installation, no debugging, smooth operation, no noise, safety and reliability.


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