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Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

Product Description Inverted bucket type steam trap,as amechanical steam trap, has outstanding performance and can be used low ,medium and high pressure.It applies stainless steel internal components and heat treatable steel base . It has such features as strong structure,resistance to abrasion...

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Product Details

Product Description

Inside the inverted bucket trap is an inverted bucket for liquid level sensitive parts, bucket openings downward, inverted bucket connecting lever to drive the valve center open and close valve. The inverted bucket trap can discharge air, not be afraid of water hammer, and has good anti fouling performance.


Main features

1. the reverse bucket type trap can resist high pressure and water hammer. After adding the check valve, it can be used in the superheated steam system.

2. failure mode is usually open, and the application of this characteristic is safer, such as steam turbine drainage.


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