Yongjia Kosen Valve

Bronze Wafer Check Valve

Product Description The function of the Bronze Wafer Check Valve is to control the one-way flow direction of the valve in the pipeline, so as to prevent the backflow of the medium in the pipeline. The check valve belongs to the automatic valve type, and the opening and closing part is opened or...

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Product Details

Product Description

Kosen valve specializes in the development and production of double-disc swing check valves and other valve products, the production of double-disc swing check valves with compact structure, disc closure stroke is short, spring preloading, flow resistance is small, good sealing performance and so on. The valve has the advantages of zero leakage and cost saving. It can be installed in any row direction with excellent sealing performance. According to API 594 valve design, and has double valve or single flap design.


Standards compliance

Caliber: NPS1 ~ NPS84, DN40 ~ DN2100

Pressure: Class150 ~ Class2500, PN10 ~ PN250

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, dual phase steel.

Drive: no (automatic)

Applications: petroleum, chemical, natural gas, petrochemical, coal chemical industry and other industries.

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