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Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve

Product Description The clamp lift check valve is a valve which is automatically opened and closed by the flow of the medium itself, and is used to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. It is also called a reverse check valve, a one-way valve, a countercurrent valve, and a back pressure valve....

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Product Details

Product Description

The disc of the wafer dual plate check valve is disc-shaped and rotates around the shaft of the seat passage. Because the passage in the valve is streamlined and the flow resistance ratio is small, it is suitable for large caliber occasions with low flow velocity and abnormal flow, but it is not suitable for pulsating flow and its sealing performance is inferior to that of the lift type. The purpose is to prevent the hydraulic shock from weakening when the medium stops flowing or reflux.


Standards compliance

Flange joint size: ANSI B16.5, DIN2543~48, JB/T9112~24

Structure length: GB/T12221-1989, ASME B16.10

The main function of the water hammer pressure is very small, disc travel is short, disc light, with a spring-assisted closing, valve closing speed is very fast. The structure is very short in length, small in volume and light in weight, which brings great convenience for valve installation, handling, storage and pipeline layout, and can save a lot of materials and reduce the cost.

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